Meet Samantha.

espresso martini drinker. old soul.

mood board enthusiast.




When I graduated from West Virginia University in the Spring of 2016, I was at a fork in the road; where many graduates find themselves. Do I pick up and move to some crazy new city? Or do I stay here and see what else my hometown has to offer? I ended up choosing the latter, for many reasons. One being that I have learned that it’s not about where you are, but the people you are with. Frederick is home to so, so many amazingly good hearted, hard – working, and inspiring people. Instead of moving to a new city that everyone said was cool, I chose to stay and invest my time and creativity into Frederick. A decision that has already led to so many wonderful experiences. I started slj social because I wanted to help tell the stories of all of the creative, inspiring people and the work that they do. The responsibility and honor of representing someone’s business will always be a driving force of mine, whether it is creating an aesthetic mood board for a shoot, or simply making sure your business has a social media presence.

Let's Create.